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  2. Unit 01 has finally awoken.

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  3. rydenarmani:

    Hey guys! So first of all, I apologize for the quality of these photos being less-than-great and my stupid razor burn but I just wanted to do a little review of this pube dying stuff! It’s called Sexy Betty and, honestly, it’s pretty fucking awesome. The bleach doesn’t burn at all. The second photo is after bleach and I have almost black pubes naturally. The dye is a lot more vibrant than expected, the third picture makes it look waaaay darker than it is. I didn’t even do the full time on either and they still came out flawless. They also have it in a billion other colors that I can only assume are fucking awesome.

    Seriously though, 5 stars. It’s awesome. If you want colorful pubes, this stuff is the shit.

    Here it is on Amazon!

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  6. Anónimo ha dicho: opinion on America?







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    Just a 10 year old reeling in a fucking whale no big deal

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